I’m Michele McCain and I am a photographic storyteller. I love combining the technical side of photography with my artistic interests to create unique storytelling works of art.

I have been fortunate to travel far and wide photographing beautiful landscapes but wanted to accomplish far more than just pretty pictures.

My passion as an artist is in the purposeful capturing of images; including compelling landscapes, fascinating subjects, decrepit rural decay, hectic urban scenes. Then I work to combine them together using the many techniques I have refined, weaving them to form a profoundly emotional story.

My artistic process has been influenced by many individuals and sources, but I am largely self-taught. My work begins in the field where I photograph the raw images to be used in my creations. I often begin with an idea or dream and gather my material with a specific purpose in mind. I also spend my time in the field photographing for the pure enjoyment of the surroundings, only to be inspired to create a new, one-of-a kind storytelling image at a later occasion.

No matter where my inspiration originates, my favorite phase of the process is spent in my studio at the computer crafting my ideas into original works of art. Often spending days at a time on one piece, I am compelled to perfect the techniques I use for the creation of my images.

My art has been widely recognized, receiving many awards and honors throughout the digital art and photographic communities. I was awarded the highly esteemed Photoshop World Guru Award for 2015 in the illustration category. My art has been published in professional photography and digital art publications and has been featured in prestigious galleries and local and international exhibitions.

If you would like to contact me or purchase any of my images, please email me at michele@mccainimages.com.

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